Venerini Convent, Vijayarai

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good news “(Is. 52:7)

12th October 1993 is a memorable day for the Indian Maestre Pie Venerini because we extended another wing of the charism to the land of Andrapradesh. At the invitation of Bishop John Mulagada the then Bishop of Eluru, Mother Piera Silvestrini accompanied by three young venerini sisters stepprd into a new mission land.They were given a warm welcome at Bishops house and proceeded to Vijayarai mission which was awaiting for them. The sisters were accommodated in a temporary house and the existing parish school with 70 students was entrusted to them. The people of the locality whole heartedly welcomed the sisters and responded positively to the great opportunity granted to them. The presence of sisters made a tremendous change in the area.

Besides education, sisters are involved in pastoral activities like catechism for children, family visits and prayers, etc… in collaboration with the parish priest. We recall with admiration, the marvelous deeds the Lord has done for us. In order to make the schooling effective for the children of distant villages we arranged boarding facility for them. When the number increased in the school and boarding we had to shift the sisters residence and boarding from the school compound. Thus in 2000 a new convent with boarding house was constructed and blessed by Bishop John Mulaguda in the presence of Sr.Eliana Massimi, the present Mother General. The grace of almighty God followed us in every step of our apostolate. The school got upgraded and the number of students increased gradually but the compound was not spacious. So we constructed a new school building in 2013 with good infrastructure in the convent compound for the better education of the students. As a recognition to the dedicated service of the venerini mission which heralds the future of the society, the government granted permission to upgrade the school as High school. The school has made a tremendous progress in all its activities for the development of its pupils.