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The charism "Educate to Set Free" envisaged by Rosa Venerini of Viterbo - Italy was brought to the Indian soil on 12 th October 1974. It was the dream and broad vision of Mother Alba Pescatori, the then Superior General of Maestre Pie Venerini that paved the way for the humble beginning of this great venture. All dreams begin small, and so it was with the Venerini mission too as we began its journey. All that we had in mind was to empower the growing generation through the ministry of education. His Excellency Dr. Aldo Maria Patroni, the then Bishop of Calicut diocese welcomed the Venerini sisters to the diocese. His guidance and motivation boosted the mission to take deep root and spread out to different states in India. Though launched in Calicut - Kerala, Venerini mission is branched out to Orissa, Assam, Andra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh with its moto "For the Greater Glory of God".



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Our Foundress St.Rosa Venerini – an educator of all times

"I have seen the affliction of my people and have heard their cry; I have come down to deliver them.."(Ex. 3:7-8) Rosa Venerini has broken the bread of the Word and dignified every human being especially the women and girls, handing over to her daughters the Charism "To Educate to Save". It is a paternal heritage to be continued down through the centuries.

"In my openion, conducting a school where Christian Doctrine is taught, spiritual practices fostered and good examples provided by the Maestre whether they be at home, in church or in the streets - is a daily mission and very much fruitful". (Rosa Venerini)

'Take my life O Lord and ever let it stay consecrated to you, Make it beautiful in service and radiant in wisdom.'